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IL-2 Great Battles: Soldes d’été jusqu’au 9 Juillet 2020

IL-2 Great Battles: Soldes d’été jusqu’au 9 Juillet 2020

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Dear Friends,


The Annual Summer Sale is on! Sale starts today June 25th and runs to July 9th in the Official Webstore and on Steam.

June 25th  25th – July 9th in the Official IL-2 Webstore

June 25th  25th – July 9th on Steam


Battle of Bodenplatte = 50% OFF (Webstore and Steam)

Flying Circus = 50% OFF (Webstore and Steam)

BOS = 75% OFF (Webstore and Steam)
BOM = 75% OFF (Webstore and Steam)
BOK = 75% OFF (Webstore and Steam)

All released Collector Planes – 75% OFF  (Except P-38, Fw-190 D-9, Yak-9, Yak-9T, Hurricane Mk.II) (Webstore and Steam)

Yak-9 = 10% OFF (Webstore Only)

Yak-9T = 10% OFF (Webstore Only)

P-38J-25 = 50% OFF (Webstore and Steam)

Fw-190 D-9 = 50% OFF (Webstore and Steam)

Blazing Steppe = 75% OFF (Webstore and Steam)
Fortress on the Volga = 75% OFF (Webstore and Steam)
Ten Days of Autumn = 75% OFF (Webstore Exclusive)
Havoc Over the Kuban = 75% OFF (Webstore Exclusive)
Achtung Spitfire! = 75% OFF (Webstore Exclusive)


Cliffs of Dover: BLITZ – 75% OFF (IL-2 Webstore Only)

All Rise of Flight Content = 75% OFF (ROF Webstore and Steam)


IL-2 Official Webstore


IL-2 on Steam


NOTE: The Yak-9 and Yak-9T are not eligible for the sale on Steam due to Steam rules and restrictions.

NOTE: having at least the base game (Stalingrad) on Steam means you can launch it from the Steam client without entering a login and password and you can access your IL-2 content purchased elsewhere if you link the accounts.

The Sturmovik Team



L’annonce officielle

Le post sur C6


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